Month: June 2018

Habits of Successful Actors

An actor is someone who portrays a character, either on stage, in a movie, or on television. Contrary to popular belief, it is hard work acting. Many times, people will watch movies and talk about how they could’ve done a better job acting and people assume that actors and actresses simply lucked up and became […]

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A History of British Theater – Part 1

  There is a certain jealousy among actors to those that have been classically taught. This jealousy often comes from the actors of Hollywood who have been selected for their roles because of physical attributes or beauty. The term classically trained normally refers to those British actors that have attended RADA and undergone years of […]

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Britain’s Best Theaters – Part 2

Our second theatrical round up of the great theaters of Great Britain looks at the Welsh capital, revisits London, and travels up north to Glasgow to visit the iconic Citizen’s Theater. Theater is an institution for the people of Great Britain, and the experience of people gathering together to enjoy live performances has captured the […]

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