Britain’s Best Theaters – Part 3

Britain’s Best Theaters – Part 3

The last and concluding part of the series on the best theaters in Britain takes to the theatrical road once again, and this time visits the home of Shakespeare and also to one of the oldest theaters in the world. All the theaters featured in this blog are in England and all have long theatrical connections.

Royal Shakespeare Company – Stratford-upon-Avon

No blog about theaters of Britain could be taken seriously without mentioning the home of William Shakespeare, one of the greatest playwrights that has ever lived. Thus, we start our last blog with the Royal Shakespeare Company who are, possibly, the world’s most famous theater company.

The company take their performances all over the world, but their home is in the birthplace of Shakespeare which is the beautiful town on the river Avon, Stratford. Performances are usually accompanied by workshops and programs to educate kids and students.

Every year the Royal Shakespeare Company performs for more than one million visitors who descend on its home in the English Midlands, but the actual numbers of theater goers who come to see performances around the globe is far higher than this figure.

Theater Royal – Bath

One of the oldest established theaters in one of the oldest established cities in Britain is the Theater Royal in Bath. The theater is over two centuries old and today can hold up to nine hundred excited theater goers for a performance.

Bath is a beautiful city, and the building which dates back to 1720 certainly takes pride of place, honorably situated in the center of town. It was not until 1805 that the building became used as a theater, and now the fabulous Georgian architecture is home to many touring troupes that grace the stage.

Many new productions use the Theater Royal as a practice venue before moving the production into London once the wrinkles have been worked out. Another feature is the famed Grey Lady who is the ghost of a former actress who enjoys watching current productions from the stalls.

The Globe – London

The Globe is one of the most famous theaters in the world due to its close associations with the celebrated playwright William Shakespeare. The theater dates back to 1588 and was built by Shakespeare’s theatrical company the Lord Chamberlain’s Men. But in 1613 the theater suffered a terrible fire and was destroyed; some people have suggested the fire was caused by arson from a rival theatrical troupe, but this is not totally substantiated. The Globe today is a modern replica of the old theater, yet it has remained true to the original design.

The new Globe is a three storey open-air building shaped like an amphitheater that is only a couple of hundred meters from the original site on the south bank of the Thames. The entire construction is made from English Oak as it would have been in the past. If you love Shakespeare, then the Globe Theater is the best place in the world to experience theatrical productions as they would have been staged all those years ago.

It is fitting that we conclude our blog of the best theaters in Britain at the Globe Theater, this most iconic of venues is brimming with authenticity and dedication when the performers grace the stage. This is the closest way to experience medieval theater in a venue that could be almost five hundred years old.