Habits of Successful Actors

Habits of Successful Actors

An actor is someone who portrays a character, either on stage, in a movie, or on television. Contrary to popular belief, it is hard work acting. Many times, people will watch movies and talk about how they could’ve done a better job acting and people assume that actors and actresses simply lucked up and became famous. That’s not the case at all. Successful actors and actresses will tell you that it’s no walk in the park to get to become an actor and sustain success. You have to work on your craft for years and years before even landing a decent role. You have to take jobs for little to no pay, you go on tons of auditions only to not be hired, and on top of that, you have to compete with the masses. It’s no easy job, that’s for sure, however, there are plenty of successful actors out there who know exactly what it takes to stand out in their line of work. The greatest actors and actresses didn’t get to where they are by luck. They were consistent, worked hard, practiced, and obsessed over their job to make it big. Here’s some habits of successful actors to remember.

Becoming a successful actor is hard work

Know Yourself

When you’re an actor, you portray all different types of characters. Some characters may be alot like yourself, but others, you may need to work hard to come off as genuine. It is so important to know who you are. When someone asks you who you are, do you know? What type of person are you? Where did you grow up? What qualities have made you? What makes you happy or sad? Do you take anything after your parents? What’s your favorite holiday or season and why? Getting to know yourself and exactly who you are and what makes you unique to this world is so important as an actor. You never want to lose yourself or lose sight of who you are while portraying a character. Not only do you not want to lose yourself, but knowing who you are, how you react to things and owning up to these things can help you dig deeper and really connect with certain roles.

Keep Yourself Up

When it comes to acting, appearance is everything. As an actor or actress, you are on all of the time with no days off. Your hygiene and appearance should always take priority. You never know when there may be a casting call or audition that you need to be present for and you never know who you may run into on the street. Stay ready so that you don’t have to get ready. Make sure you’re always showered and dressed decent and that your hair and breath is fresh. Keep some dry shampoo, deodorant, and breath mints with you at all times. Also, you want to be as healthy as possible, and to do so, means you’ve got to feed your body with nutritious food. Not only will eating healthy allow you to live longer, but it will keep you looking fit.

Be Confident

Having little to no confidence in yourself is going to get you nowhere as an actor. When you show up to auditions and casting calls, you need to be the most confident in the room. Knowing your script and who you’re in front of will help you be more confident on set. Also, always come prepared. There’s nothing worse than not knowing your lines or forgetting something at home. Also, if you’re not the most confident, figure out ways to increase your confidence. Do you need more acting classes? More experience? More time in the gym? Whatever it is, work on that to boost your confidence as much as possible. This will definitely help land you more gigs.

Actors need to be the most confident in the room

Take Breaks

When working all of the time, going on auditions, taking acting classes, and on set, it is so important to take frequent breaks and make time for yourself. There’s no way to be a quality actor if you don’t take breaks to relax a little. All work and no play is bad for anyone in any profession. It doesn’t matter if you take several small breaks throughout the day or several days throughout the week to get yourself together, it’s a must. Go out and do things that you enjoy, take time to free your mind from thinking about acting and scripts. Whenever I need a break, I enjoy baking in the kitchen and playing Chinese checkers at Novelgames or other fun games at Pokerstarscasino. However, there are so many other things that you can do to get a break, such as going for a walk, doing yoga, going shopping, and so much more. It really doesn’t matter what you choose to do as long as you enjoy it and it’s helping refresh your mind so that you don’t get burnout.