How to Become an Actor with No Experience – Part 2

How to Become an Actor with No Experience – Part 2

This is the second part of our blog how to become an actor without any experience. We will be dispensing even more great tips and advice on stepping onto the ladder of an acting career. We look at auditioning and working on your best assets as well as many more aspects of becoming an actor.

Audition & Train Locally

Do not rush into anything, move slowly with measured steps that have been thought out before and are in your plan of attack. An acting career is a marathon and not a sprint and you should consider this at all times. No matter what town you live in, acting opportunities will arise. And it is in small towns that sometimes great opportunities arise.

At this stage of your fledgling career, you need to act and really anything will do. It could be a local amateur dramatics society or in a community theater or student films. Keep aware of what is going on in your town and audition as much as you can.

Work on Your Special Skills

Try to learn accessory and additional skills to your core elements, these could help you to audition for different kinds of jobs. Many actors have one focus and that may be to star in a movie, but there are hundreds of different types of acting jobs that give you experience and help to pay the bills.

What type of skills could you learn? Well the answer to that question is simple – anything. From accents, languages, playing musical instruments, juggling, magic, absolutely everything and anything that could give you an edge over the competition.

Market Yourself

If you do find yourself with spare time then there is a very important thing that you can start to do, and that is marketing yourself. Perhaps it will not have much impact in the early days but branding yourself correctly is really important as you progress.

The following four suggestions will help immensely on this: Build your own personal acting website, create media profiles on Facebook etc, be active on your website and social media, finally network online with other actors, screenwriters, producers and industry people.

Don’t be Phased by Rejection

It is part of an actor’s life to repeatedly be rejected, so learn to accept it! Absolutely everybody gets rejected sometime in their careers, and if you are attending many auditions and screenings, the chances of being rejected increase. Being rejected in acting is part of the job and absolutely normal.

Be Patient

Be patient, things in the acting industry take time and it is very important you accept that you probably will not see any concrete job offers for at least two years. Meanwhile you have to live, and perhaps you will have to take on extra jobs to pay the bills.

Nobody said this would be easy, the main thing is to stick to your plan, implement as many of the tips and suggestions we have given you and keep plugging away at it. Eventually you will get a breakthrough, when that happens grab it with both hands and don’t let go.