Raising Money Through Theater

Raising Money Through Theater

Are you looking to raise money to put on some form of theatrical show? Maybe you are a school or community that has a great idea for a production, but just can’t seem to get it off the ground? If either of the above questions relate to your situation, then this blog post is definitely for you. Read on as we take a closer look at some really cool ways to raise money for your production.

Benefit Concert

If you are finding it hard to come up with the cash, then why not consider holding a benefit concert. Try, if possible, to reach out to others that have had some experience of being involved in this fundraising method before, it will always make things a little easier, especially if your theater is one that people have become fond over the years.

It’s often the case that actors become “attached” to theatres that they enjoy. Again, this concept will give you a greater chance of lining up a couple of better-known names at your own gig. Picking a theme can also help to produce the required result. You might choose something like popular holiday destinations or similar to give your concert an element of glam!

Hold a Memento Sale

Another great way of raising cash for a production is to think about organizing some kind of memento sale. There is nothing quite like giving your patrons their very own piece of the theater to inspire them into donating. Maybe you have some old chairs that aren’t being used, or you might have a curtain that can be reworked into smaller cushions. Whatever you come up with, we are sure that your customers will be queuing up to take home their own memento, especially if you do it right.

Theater Workshops

Holding your own theater workshop is another cool way of getting bums on seats and money in your theater’s pocket. If you can persuade some of your own stars to give up their time, then this is likely to produce the desired results. Your actors can teach people how to move, dance, speak and, of course, deliver the all-important lines. All of which will ensure your theater not only raises an amount of the cash you want but will also likely grant the locale additional visitors for some time to come. A win in anyone’s book! You can also use these workshops to train people who are able to then “star” in some of your own community productions.

Movie Nights

Why not hold something bordering on the alternative?

Choose a couple of movies that aren’t shown on the big screen and, with the aid of a projector, you can hold your very own movie night. You don’t have to charge a fortune if you get a reasonable number of people turning up.

If you want to raise money for your theater project, then following some of the suggestions above could be quite sensible. We are not saying you will raise millions, but you will likely raise enough to support your theater in its hour of need.