The Best Musicals of All Time – Part 3

The Best Musicals of All Time – Part 3


Our final part in the series of the best musicals of all time looks at alternatives to Les Miserables which was recently voted in a radio station poll as the best musical ever. We have already highlighted some serious contenders to vie against Les Mis, and in our concluding part we look at even more.

The Sound of Music

As musicals go on the big screen, The Sound of Music must be the granddaddy of them all. And audiences all around the world know the words to every song in this hit Rogers & Hammerstein classic musical. Not only is the music a delight but the Sound of Music has a more than credible story-line. Touching at delicate topics such as Nazi tyranny and the displacement of people, the audience is held in a vice-like grip as soon as the curtain is lifted to its final coming down. The addition of a bunch of adorable kids adds to the entertainment, and surely this is a very strong contender to be the best musical of all time.


Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

Recently opened in the West End of London is a production of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. The production takes many influences from the cult movie of the same name, it is a trifle loud, garish and gaudy! The story follows three drag queens as they travel through the Australian Outback in a converted school bus.

Along the way they befall many adventures that mostly make you laugh, and sometimes cringe, and accompanying them every step of the way is a marvelous disco soundtrack. The costumes are outrageous as they should be, and this camp romp is jolly good fun.

Billy Elliot

Currently playing at the Victoria Palace in London is a great production of Billy Elliot. It is always difficult to take a relatively small-scale movie into a West End blockbuster, but this Billy Elliot production has managed exactly that.

Young Billy is the son of a miner in a working-class town who has to overcome all sorts of bigotry and obstacles to achieve his dream of becoming a ballet dancer. This musical has drive, action and great music and rattles along at a considerable pace.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

This outrageous gender-bender production is as good fun as writer Richard O’Brien and composer Richard Hartley intended it to be. The story-line is bizarre to say the least and the costumes are like something from a Science Fiction film.

Expect to see the unexpected, you will see scantily clad androids tussling with the hero and heroine as well as futuristic characters popping up. All in all, what at first seems a sleazy excuse for a musical turns out to be something highly enjoyable.

The music and songs are part of the reason why and make up for some of the plot’s inadequacies. As for the best musical the world has ever seen, the jury is definitely out. Our list has given you some alternatives to muse over while you decide which musical you think is the best.