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    Agatha Christie is the most successful crime writer ever. Her investigators Jane Marple and Hercule Poirot are not losing their fame for decades. The books of Agata Christie have inspired many authors and reached a great success in numerous movies and TV series. But her play The Mousetrap should be called unique. The story that has been running in West London for 68 years is unbeatable one. The piece has been performed continuously since 1952, and this is a world record. After more than 25,000 performances, there is still no end in the upcoming forecasts. It became a tradition of fans to visit the play of Agatha Christie performed live.

    The Play Of Records
    The Play Of Records

    A Watch That Survived Everything

    The premiere of The Mousetrap first was held at the Ambassador Theater before it was moved to the St. Martin’s Theater in 1974. The designers of costumes also put great importance on this tradition. The actors performed in the same setting for 47 years. In 1999, the cast was changed for the first time since the premiere. Almost all decorations have been changed since the beginning except one – the clock on the mantelpiece is the original piece.

    A Clause Prevents A Movie

    Over the decades, the play becomes a hit in other countries also. The Mousetrap has been translated into 24 languages and performed in 44 countries. The 9,000th performance was made in Canada, and over 1,100 performances were held in Germany. The great success of the crime story is no wonder. It is a story of Agatha Christie that has never been recreated as a movie. She decreed that a film adaptation could only be possible after the end of theatre production in London. Back then, nobody could have imagined that The Mousetrap would be on the program for such a long time. The scene in London is the Saint Martin’s Theater in the famous West End theatre district. The final scene of The Mousetrap was considered as a top-secret until the resolution has not been published. The plot is reminiscent of the author’s classic novels.

    Saint Martin's Theater
    Saint Martin’s Theater

    Mollie Ralston opens a small family hotel together with her husband. Some time ago, they heard on the radio about the mysterious murder called Maureen Lyon who is doing his crimes in London. On an opening day, four guests come to their hotel, and another guest is looking for accommodation after a car accident. When an unexpected snowstorm looms, the building is no longer accessible from the outside world. The situation comes to a head when a police officer arrives. He tells the residents that he found the address of this family hotel in the notebook of the mysterious murderer Maureen Lyon. The terrible suspicion that one of the guests might be the murderer is confirmed. Because suddenly one of the guests is murdered and all residents are in danger now. So who is the wanted and dangerous criminal?